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Unger, MD, in the December 1988 issue. 1 It occurs on page

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No part of the surface of the body is free from liability to eczema. It

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Bacillus, Pfeiffer. See Influenza— Pfeiffer's Bacillus

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phonuclear leucocytes being about 5,400. 6 days after the treatment (1 day

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X. Ectopic Pregnancy, Pelvic Hsematocele, and Pelvic Hsematoma.

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the gynecologists, of the brain to the neurologist, etc.

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verized bacilli, from bacillary extracts, or by the use of various chem-

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forms a more efficient protection. In adults the parts may be painted

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becomes very red with papillae, (so-called strawberry tongue).

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fatty stools and pancreatic stones are of importance.

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appear to be associated with acromegaly. The most probable explana-

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clear. After standing a few hours there falls to the bottom of the

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with the elements of the neoplasm, which extend into the surrounding

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act the same and the most active of all is metallic uranium.