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i. p. 168. — 14. Tildesley. Lancet, 1895, ii. p. 1288, case 1. — 15. Turner. Brain,

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done away with forever. This question also involves one as to the use of light

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six o'clock, P. M., pulse very strong and full, complete hemiplegia,

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a corps. They are admirably fitted for disinfestation and bathing.

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below the normal. When the temperature falls below ninety degrees

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inflammations, such as pleuritis, peritonitis, and enteritis. I

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for the use of the Tachytome in place of the open knife. The physician,

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Most prized among my books are Henry Breasted's 1 930

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such short duration. The thorax is long and narrow.

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Fri-Sun. Contact: Gary Holland, MD, Jules Stein Institute. (213)

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cheeks, and wedges inserted between the teeth to keep them apart.

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lanceo-oblong, obtuse, serulate, tapering at the base,

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