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itself always in considering this subject, is the relation

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commonly associated with optic neuritis having characters suggestive of

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interest attaches is the seventy known cases of oto-

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Jalland, and "NVollenberg. In the last-mentioned case the anaesthesia

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soluble in water, alcohol, and dilute acids. Its advantages over

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general symptoms have been caused by the toxins of the

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Art. XL. — Clinical Lectures on Various Important Diseases; being a Col-

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a splint. After a fortnight, pulsation returned in the radial artery at

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was the more dangerous, but the latter was also to be

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essary, but that transports us out of the clinical field into the physio-

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umbilicus; the intra-pelvic neck above the vaginal attachment was

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opening of its private wards to all reputable physicians, quite

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just like all other blood diseases. Some cases were very slight

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on the surgical diseases of children, and other lect\u-es

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healthy child first seized with acute rheu.matism is full of sor-

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wJienever the good of the patient requires it, while our opponents

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quarter of an hour to twenty minutes from the death

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Fig. 4. — Injection of extract made from 2 grams of the anterior lobe. In most instances the

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there is usually a history of antecedent dysentery. Malaria may be

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found free from tubercles that studded the peritoneum at the time of

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human understanding," and his own ignorance with " the

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larger patches. In only one place is hone atrophy definite, viz.

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surroundings, bringingjpeace and happiness to the mind, are the best medicines

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TUBERCULOSIS. By NORMAN BRIDGE, A. M., M. D., Emeritus Professor of Medicine

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the third lobe of the prostate. But there is no such

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With the few clinical fJEtcts which we possess in reference to the

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easily detachable, and beneath which, on their removal, the

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The hmb is now quite straight, and anchy- 'i On May 24, I made forcible extension

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congestive heart failure, sinus bradycardia, cardiogenic

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assume responsibility for statements or views expressed

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The average rainfall for May in the thirty-five years, 1871-1905,

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the slightest constriction, in some cases : especially over such parts as the crest

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lium, which was mainly cancerous, and from the human breast,

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information in many cases is great and obvious; and unlike the