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on animals — and have shown that, as far as these alterations of excita-

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at the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society showed that, even under

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the most signal efforts of preventive medicine were made. It was under

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MIDDLESEX HOSPITAL— Lecturer on the Principles and Practice of Surgery;

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A. O., AGED 32, stout, strong, thick-necked, was, on the 2nd July

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dition— unable to tell cither their own names or the regiments to which

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of Edinburgh, who has done more to advance the teaching of prac-

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Guinea per d.zen. Bronte Mad-ir.i, a full, soft, golden, W,ne, 30s, per dozen. .Mazz.ara, a stout, bjown Wine,

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fied the College touching his acquirements in general Science and Liter-

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University OF Dublin: School of Physic. — Regius Professor

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been used by the attendant. Wiltshire, H. V. : breast-bone and two

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want of any effect, of a regulation on the part of an examining board

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are by no means the only, sufferers from the defective sanitary arrange-

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hepatitis, but shows that it had been observed also in cases of passing

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and when, the Minister having said, "The whole must be considered ;

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doubtedly and very liighly contagious ; and it is by this property thai

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Mr. John D. Hill read a paper on an Analysis of 140 Cases of

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but it is a very moderate one. It is part of the scheme that there