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Thus we see that immediately after the removal to Gil-

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'I'he following are the points of diagnosis, according to Dr. Marzattini,

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digestion acidity not increased or often less than in

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lungs of persons affected with phthisis, and found in it swarms

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effected) he will have to give the coup de gnu 10 John

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In cysts with innocuous contents, where no abdominal

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office it performs by warning against those things that are inju-

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well-known excitants of tuberculous disease. Close questioning will

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and which ex])erimentally has proved to be of greatest service. In many

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large class of persons will refuse to contract phthisis at

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may be the more rapid and cflfective. We know by per-

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gainsaid seem to prove, incontestably, that among the causes of the rachitic

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friction maintained till full consciousness is restored.

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Francis A. Winter, U. S. Army, transferred to Jefferson Bar-

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III. The addition of a salt with the same anion as the acid to a

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Carl B. Drake, M.D., Editor ; George Earl, M.D., Henry L. Ulrich, M.D., Associate Editors

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Complications. If, as we suppose, the symptoms of Raynaud's disease

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first mail, unless some other mode of conveyance is directed. Ten chai^d quills, an ample quan-

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disease or even during convalescence ; and it is remarkable that this should

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papilloma, occupying the lateral surface and somewhat of

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the doubts as to the final termination of the remain-

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matter. As far as it goes^ it is well done ; and the parts

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Gardnbr, E. F., Assist AKT-SuRGBOK.—Assigned to duty at

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to yielil, and the obstructions which they had to try to

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It is usual to withdraw from 20 to 30 cc of fluid, but as much as 101

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generally of an irregular shape. All the parts of the lung