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been registered within the week in which they occurred, the
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of the grass growing on lead-slag, in the valleys of the Mendip hills. Care was
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who before had been unable to take milk, because it
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is no need for the author to tell us that he has been a house
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being massive. There is not so marked a tendency to ulceration as in cases
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functional atrophy may be cited the wasting of the muscles in })aralysis, of
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3. After a mild dose of salts — sweet spirit of nitre 1 oz., ale
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I explain the situation to the patient or his friends, and,
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does cease, the sleep succeeding the operation the first night, and the
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Also, transl. : Ztschr.f. klin. Med., Berl., 1896-7, xxxi, 442-
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this opening, traction is made, and the free edge of the
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Seven of the 29 new residents who will begin training at the Wilmington Medi-
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from the report of the committee. As to nomenclature,
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Centralbl. f. Chir., Lcipz., Is83, x. 289 - 293. — Voitii-
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thoracic growths are now being attempted. In all cases other than the
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of the pulmonary vessels for the purpose;" and subsequently, in
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verted to the great difficulties which Park encountered in his
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greatest advantage which is nearest to the line of the propelling
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