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of salted fish used. Much of this is sent to the inte-
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3. The medulla spinalis generally, the middle arc of the reflex function.
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after injection. Temperature fell 0.6° C. in three hours.
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and began the study of medicine at Glasgow^ University in 1910,
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of our arniv. It lias heeii named the Stanley General Hospital, iri honor
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linski (V.) Kratkiy obzor sostoyaniya glaz z prizlv-
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It was with great difficulty that I obtained the pre-
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and the dangers connected with it. The degree i a ^inea pig in 1 cc. of tlie serum. T he large
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require increased dosage of standard anticonvulsant
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cines." (See l^Alemnu's !>>inoptis of Cutanfous DUeiiSfS. Loudon:
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The motor disturbances appear in the extremity upon the same side as the lesion
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more clearly to the rapid diminution of the inflammatory excitement.
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March 4th and March 5th. — Gradual rise of pulse to
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importance to that was delivery; whilst the secondary
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and continued in spite of every application that was made for
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tion for some months, and had been using a catheter, be-
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drainage, ventilation, air space, floor space, and cleaning of all dairies
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sufficient to check the extension of the ulcer, and
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carefully cut away, thus endeavoring to convert our wound as
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and mainly by their infecting water which is used for drinking. We notice
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conditions alluded to, viz., shock, pyaemia or septicaemia, the
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Effects produced by Variations in the Quality of the Blood reaching the Medulla. —
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easy enough, but if we think, for a moment, that our fingers are not so
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nearest approach to pure juice secreted in response to a food-
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Wilson, Robert B, Newton Grove, Ky. School of Med, 1889 1889 1904
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total syn]blepharou by means of Thiersch skin grafts.
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certain size, that of a large pea, or of a hazelnut, or of a walnut.