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If not relieved in from twenty-four to thirty-six hours, a re-

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regard to the indications for surgical interference in the

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10,000,000 must inevitably die of this disease if the present ratio

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drain. It is believed that in the future jjlumbing will develop along

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liver and arouses it to the performance of both its di-

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Madlener {Munch. Med. Wocli.), referring to Payer's paper

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Treatment. — The physician must enjoin against the use of the voice.

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when a local woman received a broken wrist in falling from a cart during a

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was formerly supposed lo be their most frequent mode of cnlaigement,

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The constitutional effects (vertigo, nausea, etc.), were

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am indebted to Mr. Kesteven, of Holloway, for the following case : —

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effect compensation for a certain degree of leakage, or to overcome a certain

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cent. Under the old conditions, in the same hospital, this class of cases gave

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increa-sed. Hut this test does not, of course, hold

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Medical Center; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Gerontology

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the other group of persons are scarcely affected at all.

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osteomyelitis. The softening of the bone is due to an inflam-

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reasonably recent and active syphilis were per vaginam sure sources.

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the habit of using the curette iu all but the extremely

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of a saturated solution of magnesium sulphate gives relief to

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Thus the pre-medical student applying here is able to get a very good insight to the

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care and practice. One movement a day is the average.

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should be carefully reviewed to assure compliance with this

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cavity is irrigated with creolin or lysol; a curette is

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Constituents. — 1. Pilocarpine, CnHigNaO, (.25-.5 per cent.),

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causing a cachexia, or condition of body in which the reparative

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finger through an incision in the stomach two inches above

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this disease. I have given in all perhaps 7,000 injections

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three years, but during the present century it has not been

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There was more or less continuous tenderness in the sigmoid ;

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way. and allow the uterus to retro-displace again. I do not

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of carcinoma, however, invade one or both of the ureteral

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from becoming foUicular and chronic. 3. Auto-reinfections

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Soldier during the war, 1861 to 1865. Had dysentery. About

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of certain diseases. They formerly treated tubercu-

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moglobin without previous laking, but with stroma digestion. This