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ceive from the state such compensation for services ren-

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ciation of the principles which he advocated fifty years ago. The

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even if it is suspected. 4. Colon tubes as such are

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canal by dry wiping with sterile cotton, the material

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nately, his own observations in such affections had

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after. . Schreiber. who is a strong advocate of the

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to place on record a formal expression of our appreciation

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Vincent's Home, $15,000; Society of St. Vincent de Paul,

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tories of which she is the heroine. At night she stands up

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pressed, yet there is no such fluctuation of mood as

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jected and evidently congested. The spleen was enlarged.

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•Read before the Jefferson Clinical Society. September 23, 1910.

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The Harvey Society Lectures. — The first lecture in

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and, secondly, because we, as physicians, have been

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and it was suggested that a blood examination be made

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like a young tadpole. Temperature and pulse normal.

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very deep state of anaesthesia, then withdrawing the

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but if laid to heart, hospital rounds would be hap-

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mouldy egg does, as w-ell as a black rot or an ordi-

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and seventeen per cent, in seborrhoea simplex. Thus,

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venience is provided and all approved forms of treatment used, in-

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pation. Xew York and Passaic, N. J. : The Health Culture

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tain parasites of various kinds. The following parasites

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by an adherent placenta. The placenta was finally de-

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Mathewson, H. S., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted

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member, that one finally concludes that the "Strat-

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suffered from a gastric ulcer. Since then, constant belching of gas; pain

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with a piece of lead foil two inches square, with a

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ble, it is effective primarily, it is generally practica-

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ing, and a rigid (piarantinc is maintained. The nnmicipal

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"radiations," we are now stranded — and in a retro-

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rigo, eczema, psoriasis, lichen, lupus erythematosus,

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ence as taught at schools outside the university has

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quicker disappearance of lesions and the effects on

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incontestable proof of this is that cleansing of the

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Carpenter. — In Deep Valley, Pennsylvania, on Satur-