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the first five weeks of life, and is usually associated with ophthalmia. It
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Delirium is best treated by hydrotherapy, especially the baths, which
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with severe manifestations, these suddenly disappear, the temperature soon
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ated in all possible combinations. Wound infections are also frequently
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respiration, aid expectoration, reduce fever, and stimulate the heart and
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indeed, this disease is one in which the nerve centres, give
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be foimd, both in the calf and in the hiunan vesicle. Most of them are harm-
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in the sputum does not bear any constant relation to the severity of the attack.
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but every patient properly handled during this year would mean fewer to
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chest. Thus when consolidation exists at the root of one lung, we may have a
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mation is often evident if death occurs in the later stages. The only constant
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pyrexia may be actually not much greater than during the rigor but the
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local immunity to cholera, dysentery, and typhoid bacteria, for in time of
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extra- and intracellular toxins. By the former we mean those soluble chem-
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were involved during the attack and one for the second time in a relapse.
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last 500 of this series the typhoid bacillus was grown from the blood before
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absence of eosinophiles does not necessarily mean that death follows but
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pulmonary induration was present in 7 (macroscopic in 3, microscopic in 4).
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children reveal the exact spot in which the needle should be entered, while in
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the falling off of the crust, the sites of the lesions are somewhat elevated and
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symptoms may develop after errors in diet, permitting the patient to leave
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rose (Shiga bacillus), (2) ferments mannite, but does not split maltose or
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Collins attribute it largely to morbid matters in the urine,
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sanitary conditions are conspicuously faulty, frequent outbreaks of the dis-
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proliferation of Piroplasma bigeminum may be obtained by placing defibrin-
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Leeuwenhoek in dysentery. Further microorganisms in great variety were
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growth, or destroys the life of the micro-organisms of fer-
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of sinapisms, liniments and ointments are of value for the friction required
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urine (12 per cent, in some series) and /?-oxybutyric acid occasionally. The
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paroxysms, sharp in onset, short in duration, characterized by intense head-
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ignore in cases presenting no marked departure from the nor-