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If we have a distinct want of pigment, the want of color not

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meatus, and held the lobelia in the urethra for five minutes. It

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it is exercised to any 'extent in the hot sun. But during

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from being largely insoluble it becomes largely soluble in an

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and bowels. These processes are strictly vital processes, carried

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of the uterus, hut my mind was not clear as to their nature

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of the morphine habit, and it is claimed that in cases where this

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weight, hamamelis is an excellent remedy. There is that other

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sions it is a very efficient remedy, and in the treatment of mental

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muscular exertion, and who would find sufficient relief and

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performing the same office for the foetus in the early weeks

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demonstrated the necessity for the operation, and the

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cachectic offspring, than to one affected by any palpable

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term itself has given rise to much mischief by leading

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little avail. I next resorted to large doses of calomel, fol-

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For us little boys there was excitement and curiosity

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function of the eye is impaired, and unpleasant disease may be

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First, by means of an a:-ray negative^ made with a proper length

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erable amount passes away in the urine. The average quantity

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bolism, chlorosis or anemia. Judgment and reason must be ex-

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circulation is restored and effused materials are absorbed. Dull-

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the last twenty-four hours. The ascites has nearly disap-

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the case in its earlier stages, had some misgivings about the

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nal cough of phthisis; irritability in respiratory diseases; cardiac

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cous membranes. It is, therefore, a useful medicament in bron-

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The virus of anterior poliomyelitis is widely diffused throughout

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Dr. Collins: In my cases no improvement was noticed for several

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ation most exemplar)^-. The hen is deservedly the acknowl-

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only be not disturbed, but must be fostered and favored through

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forms of colic called "bilious," and in acute enteritis, he remains

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