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thinned, bulges forward in the shape of a large recto-
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lol)es, is wanting. Pneumonitis is generally abruptly developed, and is not,
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site condition — viz., the atrophic. In the former, an undue supply
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places of the dying ! The mode in which the disease
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period are lacking. No opinion can therefore be formed in the matter.
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in either place. We understand that he is about to return to Scot-
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" Graves fed fevers," typhoid fever as well as typhus ;
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By this mail I have forwarded a letter to the editor of the
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appear to establish conclusively the fact that bacteria in certain diseases
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plainly the result of a lack of physiological activity of the thyroid
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lace about the angle of the jaw. This small area was treated 3
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or consigned to unmerited oblivion in some similar receptacle. It must also be
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It was found that under the above conditions albumin gave about
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stone-cases, there was little complaint at night, while in prostatic
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his place. 10, Dr. E. E. King, Toronto. 12, Dr. H. Bascom.
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Telegraphic Address— " NURSES , BRISTOL." Telephone No. Jjjj.
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brought it with him. He hoped it would be rightly valued, carefully treasured,
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found in the city. These four cases were in children from the tenement
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the granules with methyl green; this merely shows that their dyes
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animal infection models including the lung, CSF, soft
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servant, with perfect ease. I saw her again in the street,
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I trephined low down in the temporal region and re-
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the value of specialists or those with some special idea.
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ture witli Peiislee's needle was m,ade, and a jet of extremely
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abortion. Quinine was first given, and then antipyrin.
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iSo that gi'anulations existed only in seven cases out of
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with the tragus, at the same time making strong pressure upon it,
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ment can be expected in the hypertrophies only. When such treat-
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years ago, of three inch pine, bound with iron, and puddled at the
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from their contents diphtheria-bacilli were obtained,
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