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a tumor of the size of a walnut grew from the posterior

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their pressure could have influenced the circulation of the

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rent at first. The water-supply of the house was tested and acquit-

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theory was in conformity with all clinical experience.

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the blood and lymph,f and in the connective tissue only adjacent to

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ectomy. He had also seen it after amputations of the thigh.

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through the tissues of the neck, and with the aid of

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to detect carrier cases : I regret having made no reference to him in my

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renders the anchored anaphylactic antibodies largely impotent as pro-

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Microscopical Observations as a Guide to Pathology in Asiatic

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Lewis S. McMurtrv, M.D., of Louisville, PRESiuiixr.

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close hereditary kinship between phthisis and insanity; and especially

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abdominal muscles and general tenderness, and if the

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the liver. After opening the membrane about a quart of

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teurization taken during the season showed a reduction on the aver-

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he wished to call attention to a very remarkable case in

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couraged the inoculation of this disease as a means of cure

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inflicted by a scythe. The nerve did not unite, and, as a result, the limb

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years of effort, has worked out a very efficient method for

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108. Veratrum given when blood-pressure dropped to: systolic, 150 ;

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The PuUe in Bronchopneumonia. — Sometimes in infants under

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For anaesthetic purposes in operative cases, Pfolspeundt

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death may take place suddenly, unexpectedly. In an-

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interior, beyond Lake Xyassa, and that at the end of Xovem-

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1964. Gottlieb, Philip M., 818 Medical Arts Bldg., lfith & Walnut Sts. (19102)

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intercostal pains in both sides and pain in the epigas-

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bronchi been invaded by the abscess discharge. The clinical

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ment of the kidney trouble. Sometimes the oculist is called

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the stomach. In infants it is a constant occurrence, and is the

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stallations are completed, streamlined, and balanced to produce

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and that it contains a sufficiency of nitrogenous and

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The motor disturbances appear in the extremity upon the same side as the lesion

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The decubitus was dorsal, the head being at the same time retracted. She

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departments, during the transition from hospital to ambulatory care, before exercise, and during

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bovine tubercle-bacilli. Despite some earlier observa-