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The first of the four filter units (A) was filled to a depth of 7 feet

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3. Gradual dilatation of the wound made by the catheter.

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toms of a general sepsis. In that case, primary amputation is indicated.

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morphological characteristics and biochemical reactions, would

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proteins develop precipitins for these proteins. Rosenau ' and

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Using air admitted at great heights on Slont Jura, wliere he ima-

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headache, with throbbing in the head, giddiness, and general discom-

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preflagellate stage is found in the crop, the flagellate stage farther

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injection of tuberculin does not appear to be at all justifiable. It is

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class of germicides — those employed in the disinfection of surfaces

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but breathing being still difficult and distressing, a dose of the

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vol. ii., 1789) thus writes : — " I am apt to thhik our constitution

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sometimes more fibrous, sometimes more wrinkled and homoge-

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Fatty Degeneration. — The second class of cases, those of fatty infil-

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about five inches in length and four inches in breadth. It did not

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long time ago by Dr John Buchanan, but no reliable results were

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of tlie elements themselves. Thus, in the molecular morphology-

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Small doses may be measured by estimating the cubic contents

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easier than by methods using an artificially induced amboceptor,

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individual cows kept in Engelhardt's Kindermilchanstalt, in which

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and almost invariable attendant in its prolonged use, for which no

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Dr Cairns agreed with Dr Cochrane in his remarks, and observed

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air and sunshine. And the corridors, being only one floor in height,

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hemorrhage exists. I rely almost wholly upon morphine administered

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and has been shown, by the experiments of Brown-Sdquard and

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to even 120 drops, or, if necessary, to 150-200 drops a day. In most