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or caused by peripheral irritation of any branch of the fifth or of other nerves.
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refused, in which case the solid proteids or fruits and
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furnished with an indiarubber tube stiffened by a spiral wire
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injections in patients who were debilitated from the effects of dysentery,
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and Legislation with instructions to make efforts toward having
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salicylates at some period during their attack. In 2 cases (Cases 22
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end of the article. The injury may be externally slight and
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of continuation of symptoms is increased by the duration of symptoms
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other viscera, who all had a large amount of indican
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iN^ow, how are you going to do it? If you are forced by your obliga-
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canula of the urethrotome, it is moved, at will, along through
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plex retrograde vital processes. He felt that the therapy of
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We have in these details a most striking illustration of that jealousy and
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Operative treatment for rectal or anal fistula. Chicago
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rhoids and anal fissure, kidney and ureteral stone, pehdc infec-
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the succeeding week it dropped either suddenly or gradually to a
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I have spoken of silliness as one of the characteristic
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after the flow has been definitely established; the amount, moreover,
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which sufficient stress cannot be laid, and this is that
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sanatorium, and the leading members of another local
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that many functional nervous disorders depend largely upon the ideas
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pain. This pain is hot, scalding, or darting in character. When
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The relative value of phosphoric acid in the urine has been
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crackers, melons, persimmons and pecans, and wear boots
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representatives. It is gratifying to see that with much
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i the mortality to from 50 to 60%.^^ Of 28 operated cases,
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downwards to the seventh rib, and internally to the left margin of the sternum. It
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third phalanges of three of his fingers were entirely knocked out, leaving the
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the purpose of alleviating the sufferings of the patient. To accomplish
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knee a sufficiently considerable quantity of fluid bad been collected to elevate
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of blood effused was very small for an act of homicidal violence involving