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while the bones are still young and soft 'enough to be-
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opium, one in ten; catechu, one in ten; aloes, one in
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he and a jury held an inquest on the body of a child who had
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of the event. One may face the dangers of the tea urn, the coffee pot, and
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noticed no change at any time in the movement, and 1 have
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sinking of the arch of the foot; and valgus to that , ^.^^^ _^^_^ shortened; exactly the reverse of what is ob-
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Boston Medical aiiii Surgical Journal, September 0, igoo.
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period of study." If these opinions expressed fifteen years ago
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Phenyl mercuric acetate 3.5 mg. Tyrothricin 0.5 mg.
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occasionally, some mucilaginous preparations, with a
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especiall)' along his entire right side, and a " confused
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of auricles and ventricles presenting unusual features 758
small amount of pain which their application produces, and to its almost entire,
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the depressing influence of the poison before reaction could
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years. There was some paresis of the left side, and com-
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places the infiltration is moderate in amount, while in
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get self-centred because through isolation and idleness
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Briefly, forty-one cases of varicella have received treatment in our
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been such loss of blood; however, feeling perfectly justifiabl : from the
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^ A Contribution to the Study of Muscle Enzymes, Jour. Physiol., 1910, xl, 1.
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the October number of the Review has an with retroflexion or retroversion there is
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a quarter mile of any inhabited structure. The stated purpose
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many experimental observations, Dowler gives the following account : In
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is at these joints or at the tip of the last segment that the "bands"
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and emaciation. Old pleural scars were noted at the pulmonary
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of veratrum to gtt. ij, quinia to gr. iij every three hours, with
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powerful reducing action, especially upon gold salts,
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tion should be made. The mode of procedure will depend on
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cipitation. It gives Oregon from 50 to 60 inches of rain
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in the bowels. Five months ago he had some constipation, and required