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438-441, 1 pi. — ITIcDonagli. Disease of the middle tur-

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knowledge of the science of nutrition and the use of sub-

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tried several physicians with no more than temporary relief.

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CoUenette, of Guernsey, Clay, of Manchester, Mudge,

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what a large percentage of children with diarrhea liave

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naked-eye Inspection. The parasites may be so numerous that there are

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interpretation of the law, for, if such is necessary, then

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peopled with nobles, and the hospital was built on a grand

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(ii.) Softening in the optic thalamus, as in the corpus striatum, is

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authority than Tarnier^ reports a case as a warning

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It is said by an American Physician, that " it is confined almost

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may be used. Engravings should be wetted and placed with

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and restoring a healthy acion in the whole system, ex-

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manifestations, and the fever-curve is irregularly intermitting. Rigors

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frequent return of the menses, or in place of the menses we have irregu-

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A sow with a litter of 5 pigs was in the same lot with the grain-fed

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After the operation the ends of the bones are to be placed

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Although the violence of the pulsation and severity of the af-

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fully recognised, and pioneers began to venture into new and

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observed the tendency to broken bones in those having

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if it ever does. Besides the role the blood-vessels

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aide, being the side naturally opposed to the stroke from the

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extent if he will relieve his patients. Often, indeed, em-

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resins are dissolved by the bile in the duodenum, and a pur-

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an^^as for several centuries the headquarters to which

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Besredka 1 found that only those streptococci which were virulent for rab-

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cases, but they were the dangerous people in the commu-

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add to the impending weakness by use of lowering reme-

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of a College of Physicians, can still, however, be admitted

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sion, with the presence of a decided, unmistakable crepitant rale — it

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degree dependent upon, excessive mental strain, in which at the outset there

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bellum in animals. Macewen attaches considerable importance to the

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o£ zinc have come into use, especially the valerianate and hydnx^a-

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otherwise the symptoms may return in greater severity. Aspirin in

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August 22d, 11 A. M.—Pulse 66; respiration 22; temperature of hand 38®. C. (100<». 4 P.);

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with the Blockley Almshouse. All the other schools are carried on by