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shows that alcoholism is capable of creating a soil for tuberculosis.

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municated by vaccination (query tubercle by inoculation) โ€” that the

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strumous disease, in Barwell's work on Diseases of the

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54 Brunton & Williams : Case of Angina Abdominis

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find it in Opium in a free state ; for it is there united

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peroneal group of muscles being especially involved.

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In April, the scarlet fever made its appearance in so simple a form, as"


with silver or bronzed aluminum wire. The study of recent fractures of

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she visited a third physician, who, on examination, in-

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At the autopsy an enormous tumor-growth was found in the

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viscid, rusty-coloured liquid, which is slmost characteristic of the

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Necropsy (A, 14, 352) was performed (H.) Oct. 17, 1914, twenty-four hours

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stimulants ought to be given every hour, and, as a rule, a laiger

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tors through irritation of the vagi. Fright, fear, and, ac-

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ments made to tourists in the Grotta del Cane, near Naples.

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is well on the way, these American sons gained a pitch of perfection

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tracting tobacco and quinine it would be difficult to find

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with reference to the so-called specifics in pneumonia.

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the quantity of liquid effusion, together with the rapidity with which it

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wool the trunk and limbs; or even to apply to the latter the caout-

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the case in this instance. If this was indeed a cancer, the point of

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diploma presenting himself and asking liberty to practise, he

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tious internal parasites, have definite evidence in their opinion

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ouglit, in the main, to be dealt with in education โ€” leaving it out

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strument introduced not previously boiled. Nature affords

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(2) The length of the anaesthesia is well adapted to the opera-

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circumstances the attention is apt to become concentrated on the functions

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the above. They were removed from a man thirty- five

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for the Insane, Washington, D. C, and vacancies as they may occur in

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break off on attempted epilation; that oleate of mercury is one of the

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way of the instrument behind the enlarged prostate. Even when

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the great sciatic nerve, free under the remains of the glutei.

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the appropriation for this year of ยง1,034,391, an increase of ?i")97,-

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jection without trace of deviation. The Beta rays are de-

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a given solvent โ€” in other words at the i.p. the molecules of an ampholyte

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noticed no change at any time in the movement, and 1 have

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ing of medical supplies and improper storage procedures does

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here and there portions of red, shining skin, from which the scabs had been

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the distinguished Professor of University College, London, both

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has under its jurisdiction the infectious hospitals of London,