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12th the respiration was irregular and the pulse feeble. The

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concentrated solution of sulphate of copper. This ulcerated surface

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This estimate is not influenced by the length or brevity of the

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during sleep, a band is secured to each wrist and ded

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in literature, thirteen in females, and two insufficiently

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tions, clearly indicating his belief that they were due to noxious gases

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magnifying power, the granulations or eminences were seen to consist of

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timony to its value in these diseases. He mentioned the

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ibility of purpose which he inherited from a distinguished ancestry.

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case is reported. A young man had passed through an at-

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The oxygen which we breathe is the great source of animal heat.

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and mucopurulent, emitting a sour or, more frequently, a horribly fetid odor.

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was ushered in by rigors more or less severe, alternating, perhaps, with heat.

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ance opposed to the descent of the diaphragm ; anasarca of the

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individual who is healed? Is it reason enough that indeed sometimes

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and discussions of this organization, and I have never enjoyed a day

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the medulla oblongata. Leaving the skull by the jugular foramen,

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over the sacrum. The constant irrigating apparatus was removed with some difficulty,

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The Committee thanked Dr. Blair Bell for the opportunity of re-

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of the month” by a health plan this past July and dismissed

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Empedocles the philosopher, B. C. 450, on the physician

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healthier than Liverpool and Leeds, both of which places have

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carry the arm almost up to the vertical position, and it was noticed

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or, as it is already being called, the "Children's Society"

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blood, and the tubes we call arteries. On its way back

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softening of one cerebellar hemisphere may occur with little or no evidence

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also produces a tonic effect. It is very useful in bowel com-

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slight disfigurement remains, however, in the mouth. No. 6

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When the development of the arterial constriction was a slow pro-

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amount of proteid ingested in all cases to make these estimates of

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testinal obstruction ; fifth, chronic pelvic abscess ; sixth,

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group, the characters of the mouth and teeth are in accordance