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fession," by R. A. Reeve; "Medical Fees," by A. H. Wright;
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1 893- Malignant Stricture of the Recttcm, &c. 217
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feelings do not form any part of the case, and the Herr Pro-
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cessively acid, and the irritation may be removed by
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in certain groups of muscles, but not confined to one nerve or always
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the lower jaw and in the tongue suggest acromegalia, particularly
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cannot be a branch of the vagus, as Romberg and Toynbee have affirmed, but
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I have only very imperfectly presented the claims of our profession,
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complained of constant weakness a!5d occasional attacks ot vomiting,
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long, wavy, darting forms. These will be described as '^spiro-
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For Two years: Drs. J. K. Bartlett, J. B. Whiting and J. Favill.
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by coughing or by firm manual pressure over the ab-
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but when it has penetrated through a very long arc, the
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those who may be compulsorily committed to an inebriate asylum
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Cieddings (H. D.) Therapeutic treatment of yellow fe-
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When we consider all this we are appalled at the enormity of
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give much. But it comes to pass, in the course of the year, that much
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Varieties.— The most common varieties of elephantiasis are the
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certain qualifications be fulfilled by Roentgenologists before
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distressing and spasmodic was the cough in some cases, as I have before
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when it lies in the epigastrium. The tumor may extend into the
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states that it is occasionxilly found pervious at birth. There-
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once. The immediate operation for laceration of the
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illustration of the effect of ammonia injection. Quite re-
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weakened condition of the heart. It usually follows an attack of delirium
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morning, killed, by firing several times at him, a stoker named
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"a farm, a menagerie, an institute of anatomy and physiology,
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Patients' Department and the Pathological Building, and to the
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inflammatory changes has not been accurately determined. I see no
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that this residual fluid will become a decomposing mass in the
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and vomicae form, by cavernous or amphoric breathing. Rales of all
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rately tight. The refiftance is often more or lefs overcome,
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and Draper — the Scalpel of Dr. Dixon, and other works of kindred
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are bilateral, tenderness is lower in the pelvis, nausea, vomiting, and
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