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secretion, especially in children, or the pressure of a tumour
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consisting, in a great measure, of imperfectly digested aliment, which
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excessive use of alcohol; one of the simplest expressions of this condition
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upon which the correct diagnosis rested. Closely allied
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for their efficient preparations for this meeting. Every thing is now com-
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Leave of absence for one month, to take effect on or about
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contraction, removes the bearing down and tendency to prolapse,
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It may be stated that the majority of rejections are due to two
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before us and then put it away. To estimate the amount of the total
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ened in fact, and in popularity, by weeding out the students
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Abdominal panniculus adiposus is about 2 cm. thick. Peritoneal cavity is free
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done and to be done by this society. Its origin and its history are of in-
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Monkeys that recover from the experimental disease show a definite
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umbrella coverage. Our Worker’s Compensation program
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pervened. On the surface of the kidneys, the mucous
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expired he said in a firm voice, " I believe that everything is aboard," which
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differs from that of phthisis in being homogeneous and of a greenish-
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Smallpox in ChicaRo.— The Bulletin of the Chicago
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from local diseases that carry a lesion into the structure or func-
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the liver is not only not atrophic but even somewhat enlarged. Under
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their effects in proportion to the development of such
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chiefly in the walls of the liver abscesses ; Kruse and Pasquale found them
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encouraging metabolic processes (the end of all physical exercise, taken
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those forms in which anoemia and defective nervous control are
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uterus; and that, when it is there brought into contact with
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sickness in our household. The general health of our patients could not have
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which the supposition is that Piroplasma higeminum was not found,