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satisfactory. A correspondent in September last pointed out
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(Jase n -A you ig lady of 17 was brought to me in Msy, 18^1, during the
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being gradual, while in others profound stupor develops very rapidly,
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the intestine conjointly with the bile, descending through the conmion
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greatly strengthen the Local Government Board in carrying
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whole days in the museum; every specimen was taken down,
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counteracting the acid fermentation. Some may take a raw egg in
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once anniliilated. In the end, 19 members voted with the
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the kidneys themselves, for animals more quickly succimib to the
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New Danish Phaemacopceia. — The new edition of the
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blood or simple anemia may occasion it; in other cases a gouty condi-
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in the paralysed muscles supplied by the median. It is this
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three sisters having died of that disease. The physical signs
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juice. If, however, jaundice continues, actual emaciation occurs, the
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pulmonary valves, probably congenital; he continued to have irreg-
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Patient can only liear the ticking oi a w,itcli when it is placed within half
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unrivalled, and he had collected a large number of ancient
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truce is now broken. Two representatives of the Council on
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length of the cord. As might be easily inferred, the symptoms of
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did not wish to appear as the rival of any other society having
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phatic tissues and glands intact, but, as we might expect, serous mem-
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to him for instruction. He encouraged the utmost intellec-.
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When the stomach is really empty it contracts upon itself and has
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range of our summer excursions beyond the confines of Swit-
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nevertheless caused infection of cattle. On that accoimt Pasteur
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of asthmatic breathing. The patients become very susceptible to
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The symptoms which ordinarily cause a patient to consult a phys-
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naruners or yoarnr people are 'j:atnered toeether. and uuder Che existing
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done away with. The whole of the drainage system and sani-
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a considerable portion of the thoracic cavity. In the course of their
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an infusion of red pepper, of the strength of i dram of red pepper to
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perature 10J°; the boy had slept well. In the evening the
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which first attracts attention to the urinary organs, does not