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tioning those relating to Medical ethics. The election of

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the fever rises, although not so high as during the first stage ; the

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Dr. Allen has pointed out that we have two processes recognized

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Heller's test, which consists in adding nitric acid care-

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The nineteenth annual meeting of the New Orleans Graduate Medical Assembly

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municipal councils to have control of health affairs.

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had been confined to one limb, soon extended itself over the whole body.

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tached to a bedstead raised ten inches at its lower end,

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truly feel that nothing has been omitted to avert the

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They were taken sick at such a period as to call in a

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6. The object of resection should be to obtain a movable joint,

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reduction of Fehling's solution, a well-marked ring with

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1889) opposes the localization theory on the ground of clinical observa-

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bacillus icteroides was obtained from the tissues. The symp-

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alteration of the lungs and of the renal secretion.

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general purposes, and which might serve to regulate the decision in

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his method particularly useful in showing Immediately after removal from the steril-

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We operated on him on the 14th of June, about four months ago,

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and have found it good for them, have them write an article for the home

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Large Trichinellidae, with the anterior part of the body very long

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slowly: but, on hearing the statement of the situation of the