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The serpent is undoubtedly tlie most signiflcnnt of

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logwood, and allowed to remain half a minute. During this time it moved its

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protected the bacilli to some extent. If this pellicle

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the propriety of interviews between those relatives and patients ; the admission

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siological writers, was never clearly explained until the experiments of

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occur, so far as I can ascertain, in the form of separate masses of

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by that vessel, was found, together with atrophy of the left

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The mode of entrance of the bacillus of leprosy into the

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quence, we estimated at that quantity. The lung just appeared

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the stockings, which were found to be heavily impregnated with

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He was appointed professor at Basel in classical philology in

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verse ; frights sustained, horrid phantoms and realities


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Compression of the portal vein may be followed by ascites and by

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qui en UKxlifient l'as])e<!t, la savenr, les projirie-

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and rarelv absent. Those of us who have attended country

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act established the first state board of medical exam-

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mark in advance the points at which the ligatures are to be

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Btij, in the mean titne, shall we withhold the etnetic till we can ex-

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stricture only, and can appreciate exactly tlie amount

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lent expectoration and not infrequently with vomiting. The dis-

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with, I think, six coverinirs of substantial cloth to keep the cold out;

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sometimes twenty in an hour ; they sometimes do not intermit even during

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TUBERCULOSIS. By NORMAN BRIDGE, A. M., M. D., Emeritus Professor of Medicine

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Goodman presented this case. The patient was a Rus-

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arms are muscular, but the grasp he takes of an object is feeble, while the sensibility

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the antiseptic method, taken together with the rules laid down in mod-

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embarrassed by misdirected efforts, the disease usually

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ease soon learns to divest his mind of fixed rules, since in-

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tion under cover of the clear glass continued to show a

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when you do not shake it there is always a lot of oil in the bottom." I