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tion and/or discontinuation of the diuretic and/or VASOTEC may be required
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cases which appeared in the Oxford Militia. In some of them,
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KranJeenhau^es zur B,erlm. Band IX, p. 40. I-have read only the
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no man ever talked more loudly and ostentatiously or made
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cases akin to this, I often give an alterative, combined with
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M. D., F. R.S.E., etc. 12mo, pp. luO. London : J. cV:
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are opposed by some scientific statement, he is apt
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redness of the stomach often seen after death is no doubt incompatible
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resigned in 1823. He was attached to the medical staft'
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have rendered our acquaintance with its features very complete.
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tonicity ; and reflex and electrical contractility are for the most part un-
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is required, if one is to be on the safe side, and there are cases in which
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to it. When the mucous membrane is ulcerated, the glossy appearance
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(three and one-half minutes or less) was noted in five tyhpoid cases,
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was that on certain nights some strange fancy would seize him that it was neces-
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more general observations in regard to the hospitals and their in-
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functions in general, and digestion among their number. It decreases