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solution of naphthol a one-half to one per cent, solution of grape

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and supervision of public health measures only so far as they affect

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head, with loss of consciousness ; face became deep red

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to hemorrhage, and rest due to defective development.

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Prof. Cesare Vigna, superintendent of the famous insane

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A potentially useful method for 3-D point fitting is robotic vector analysis. Since

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to the letl side at short intervals, with some contraction

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gains strength. The powders were omitted j fivL grains of the

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in a liquid state and only partially digested, and in such cases opera-

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the force of gravity. Aside from its passivity as a

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in which Socrates professes tlie art of a midwife prac-

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Avoid increasing food quantity by providing nutrient dense

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tendencies, and physical condition and configuration,

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found in the literature but one case of typical "symmetric asphyxia"

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from his experiments, that seven-eighths of the heat

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How were we to tell when a peritonitis ceased to be

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Kitchen, Lynn W., MD; Sandra Y. Elliott, MD; and Fred T. Kerns,

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foliation of epidermis following on the neck, breast, back and abdomen.

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with together in the fever of acute articular rheumatism than in any other

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no means unfreqiieut ones too, in which I believe the

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effect did not last any longer and there were more unpleasant accessory

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we received thefe interefling memoirs ; and we cannot better

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cal labor as her proper place in the economy of the world.

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All that we know of it is from observation of its effects. Sir. A. Crich-

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neither quite candid, nor altogether true ; for surely a horse,

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suitable dog that could spare a leg, or a leg that could spare a dog, with the

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Proceedings of the Dublin Obstetrical Society. 1 85