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drops of myelin, bits of swollen nerve fibers, numerous fatty granular cells,
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travel farther and farther downward to reach their corresponding interver-
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and atrophy are always to be seen in the ganglion cells themselves. In addi-
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examination; together with a registration fee of one dollar.
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lations, too, which the paralyzed arm tries to make on the opposite side of
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(intracranial) diseases which occur in conjunction with suppurative processes
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the period of onset, because the disease begins very gradually, and therefore its
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carbohydrates. Occasionally the hunger becomes ravenous, and is associated
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"Jurisprudence," Guy and Terrier's "Forensic Medicine,*' Woodman
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special yet very rare form of disease, by Charcot in 1871, and later by his
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of the vertebra?, and these inflammations often invade the inner surface of
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reference to Chest Diagnosis. Autumn, W., 7: 00-9 :00 p.m. 24 hours. .2Mj. Gatewood.
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all cases of this description, a typical disease of the medulla oblongata. The
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prolapse of cord, pathology of puerperium, diseases and abnormalities, sepsis. Required.
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attention the patient's ability to understand is materially lessened, and the
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the first week. If, at the end of the first week or fortnight, the electrical ex-
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After an initial period of variable duration, the general health becomes
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one of the universities, or of having paaaed an examination qualifying him to
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or none at all. It is different, however, in the milder, curable cases. In
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of the skin and conjunctiva. Abnormal secretions of tears or sweat may
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e WllfdPd Hill Ntdlcal Center Ferw (m form 210), Clinical Records
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many cases, although the mental factor perhaps plays the chief part here.
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and Pathology; thirdly, on Surgery, Practice of Medicine, Midwifery,
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first session, £4 4s. ; for second session, £4 4s. ; for third session and
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Arno Benedict Luckhardt, Ph.D., M.D., Sc.D., Professor of Physiology.
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insist upon rehearsing his complaints again because he said something hap-
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symmetrical than in other forms of neuritis, and the morbid changes in the
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These sums for practical work must be paid quarterly in taking the
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provided: ^'''^'^'^'^ fBCiUtim, The fol Ling physical,, facilities will ,be
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ferent individuals to diseases of the nervous system varies. This fact is a
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or a specific endemic disease of the gland. Endemic goiter prevails especially