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pressure both cm the auricular Und ventricular sides occasioned by the

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which was forming and condensing at the same time. The

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b, disappearance of atrophy, especially of muscular atrophies; c, the slow

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Home on the 18th day. We have been especially impressed with

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with, and although the patient was in poor condition it seemed best

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being packed with aseptic gauze in order to do the following

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fortune, and when you look at him you notice he does not respond with

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taking 75 mg amitriptyline

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a year after the pilocarpine treatment had been begun it was noticed by the

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had disappeared. In two other cases, resorcin used in this way stopped the

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was some tenderness in left side of the abdomen, more marked in the left

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alcoholism, loss of sleep, overwork, worry, lack of fresh air and

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and climatic conditions, show a marked tendency to hypertrophy

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rapid spread of the disease ; also rapid breaking down of tuberculous

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phenomena. We have also discovered that these reflexes, though

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intense muscular weakness, labored respiration. These facts prove

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careful study of the question force him to the conviction that

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at the same time it is apparent that the alkaloid should be given a

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re-appeared. I saw her next April 1st, 1919 and her appearance

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strength. Temperature for past three weeks has fluctuated be-

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At the meeting of the American Medical Association in Cincinnati, 1888,

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of completeness. The article is valuable, more as an expression of the

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The uric acid placed on the filter, like the stone in the bladder, attracts to

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was elicited by pressure along the course of the left u reter. The patient

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Three days later, he calls and we find left pupil larger than right.

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shall continue with the history. It will be instructive. When the pleural