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Pain or dyspnoea, from pressure on the trachea or the recurrent laryngeal

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between the operations, two years and six months, the alveoli had changed

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the smaller bloodvessels or through Bowman's capsule into the luiniferous

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arterial cases should be cut out of the category altogether, as forming a

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;ire ]i;issin'^ aloii'j the liuiidle to the ventricle, the contraction ])roduc ■ !

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the smaller peripheral alveoli are derived from the more centrally placed, or

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Silver, Nitrate of, its effect on the Complexion 234

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Age. — More than 60 per cent, of the cases occur between the tenth and

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the lis,sll"S Mini li.\ \ai\iMu- ll|e r.ili' ul' w.i'er eNei'i iii.ii, |i|irtiellhirl\

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!' - the heart liy means of cold ami then allow in-,'' It to heat ajiain. or

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the nucleoproteid and thyroglobulin of normal human thyroids. It is too

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traetioiis of the intestine have also heeu ohserveil in huntrer, Imt it is (hmht

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of sustaining for a greater length of time pain and

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and only after very careful irrigation with boracic acid solution and sub-

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foods; sweets, such as cakes, pastries, pies, candies, and desserts; aU rich

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this time the springiness increased, and a few days

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an independent disease, to which he gave the name "achondroplasia."

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cxtl-asystdifs lioth arising in tlic rivlit Vfiitiicic arc slmun in Ki... s;

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presents at autopsy is often one of a striking character. If the glandular

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Takinir these i-esults as a whole, it is (|uile clear that man can jjet

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iliiid to pass t<n\ards tlie heart we must iiitrodiu'c some obstruction to

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section has been made through the carpi and wrist-joint. The carpi are fused into

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to height. The allowable variation in the case of women upon the over-

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movements are especially apt to cause pain. In addition there may be severe

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.■ire less depressed in their e.xcitahility hy coolini; the nerve; and (:{) thrv

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while if it has already developed, lessen markedly the severity of its mani-

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of a constant diet in \hieh the fliiiil iiital;e was 2,070 i-.c, varied froiM

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leg. The elevation of the vertebrse affected by the

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on the heart should be given. Patients apparently differ in their suscep-

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island. The account also would lead me to believe, that

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pressure, liiit also in iiatholoij:ie conditions, such as hydroecphalns. A

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lipping, no osteophyte formation, or ebumation of the joints.