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and disfiguring scars : (3) angiomata; (4) pigmentary naevi ; (5)

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After the revision of 1889 nothing more was done in this respect

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the une.xpired portion of his leave of absence, will proceed to

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Wells had performed ovariotomy four times during pregnancy,

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avor of paracentesis, which is to be early performed because they

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really authoritative and entitled to the confidence of the profession at

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with the usual controls. In testing out each serum all the antigens

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patient returned to ward. Post-partuin temperature,

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the immunity. 17. Revaccination should therefore be consid-

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nected with pregnancy, her last child having been born twenty years

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without any disabliity. The conjugate deviation re-

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became so extensively employed in laboratories in the study of the

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been such loss of blood; however, feeling perfectly justifiabl : from the

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2°. In ordinary cases, it is possible only at a temperature of 38° C,

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formation of toxins in the intestinal tract, the absorption

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microbic nature, which are the chief basis of modern

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is removed provided this can be easily accomplished, and then

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diseases in France ; and Maisonneuve, Denonvilliers and Demarquay

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to do harm or at most only infinitesimal harm, and it is

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sie jacksonienne; hfimiplfigie gauche avec troubles sensi-

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1 1 % decrease in subsequent total mortality rates. 9 This was


quently marked two dots on one picture : and one on the

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body, below the arms, a broad strong towel, the ends of which are given to a

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finely ground malt ; raise the temperature to 140°, add 10 lb of

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representatives will learn: the impact of proposed legislation on the future practice of medicine;

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under it, the operation was performed with hardly a

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the fly-leaf of an old " Breeches Bible " of date 1578, which

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^n the Naval Academy, intended at first merely for the use of

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increased size of the head in an emaciated child whose

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the staff of the Adelaide Hospital. He was asked to pro-

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Muco-membranous colitis, says the author, rarely appears

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recommend in the treatment of acute rhinitis are indi-

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privy sinks, cesspools, etc., it solidifies them by abstract-

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Friday. — Has had several hours sleep during the night, and a small evacua-

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