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sification to be thus illustrated, was a difficult problem, which Dr. Fagge has
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does, not follow the same law as bronchitis, and that there is something necessary
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liown, however, that galactase as ordinarily prepared from separator
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mistic, never enjoy life properly, this condition arising both from
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afforded by ether, the deformity persisted ; eliminating,
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*Read befoie the Kentucky State Medical Society, June, 1886.
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ideals to which it aspired and the prominent position which it
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matter that can be reduced to a general formula. While casualty
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constituent. Garrod has also shown that, during an attack of acute gout,
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ences, recommends the following : Internally, such symp-
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4. Medin: Verhandl. d. Xth internat. Med. Cong., 1890, 2, 6 Abt, p. 37.
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finds that the embryonic fissures and convolutions ap-
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fall more particularly upon the arterial system, a circumstance which
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cellular tissue. 'I'he same result may occur from tlie tracheal wound being too
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decreased somewhat in consistency. Upon section the
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tlie vascular system in a case of fracture. I'r. N. Hamp-
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6. Vaccine cones, as now offered in our market, are undesirable forms
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Drops of this material are mounted on a series of slides, covered with
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the development of new nodules of granulomatous tissue. Caseation of
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temples and parietal region, but occipital pain is the most fre-
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contained gummata and the testes were fibroid ; in the right
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pair of forceps into a complete circle, should be two millimetres
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whenever the slightest stimulus was applied, such as
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the necessity of such a distinction. The ordinary sporadic cholera is
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and that occasioned by carbonate of ammonia, and phophate
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hand, the constant presence of the silver completely excludes
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elastic bottle. The application of glycerine, as recom-
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be affected, the formation of crusts commenced in different
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