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Suite 320, Parkview Office Building • (501) 664-1762
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At 3 p. m. his temperature was 95, with pulse 140, respiration 28, extremi-
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Urobilin was present in the urine and was added to the amount
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University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, Oklahoma
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opinion that a person who had had appendicitis was not in-
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The Widal with the mother's blood was positive (I to 50);
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In instances of mild injury, only a superficial layer of the skin is
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to make your diagnosis in fifteen mniutes. Sometimes it takes a week,
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Claypon and Starling also fed a kitten with rabbit's embryos for tliree
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with her child ; she was not to be happy in her married life ;
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of Amaurosis. Having given a careful description of the morbid pbeno-
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ticable, the above method was resorted to and, so far as the detection
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the tuberculosis is cured. Send him back to the slums again and you
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was removed. The unclassified or non-sensitive patients were
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breaks through the abdominal wall. Next in order of frequency is
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ver, tuberculosis, etc." Colicky pains, intermittent
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along by its side, and with the wire and the forceps
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of Oil of Turpentine as a stimulant and diuretic is from
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surfaces of the heart frequently show punctiform hemor-
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little value so far as it indicates whether the feet of an
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manes are black ; that of the filly is short, stiff,
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venting loss of stock in this way. In America all soft-cheese trade
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tutional cachexia, but others from deficiency of integn-
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lust too often brings, and the certain loss of happiness. This
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should be a christian. "All medicine is derived from God ; and,
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and the cartilagenous tissues are not at all or only in a slight degree altered;
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exudates, may occur in biscuit-shaped pairs. IVIost closely related,
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and Krumwiede's alkaline egg media as well as this one. On this medium cholera
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lished in every theological seminary, not merely to teach the
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his complete recovery from the first. Let the fact teach
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There is usually a furred tongue, with constipation. In the majority
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spreading toward the trunk, and is found on the forehead and breast,