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Conveying or generating disease ; pestilential ; poisonous ;

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Lyrene, Tiller), Vol. 46, No. 5, November, 1976, p. 23.

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the small-pox itself does not protect the individual visited by it from

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respiratory organs, of carbonic oxide to a degree that

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ing any success; and how disappointed do we feel if a pa-

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computers. And that means improved staff productivity.

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"During the six months vacation which was so kindly

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for, it becomes an exceedingly difficult subject to distinguish

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injudiciously in the tropics for malaria. When fever developed,

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gm. 1) often relieves the articular pains, which are worse at night. This

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arsenic, offers the only exception. This likewise, when cloth-

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hemorrhage from this wound, and the chances are that some ves-

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whether married or single — have had children and miscarriages, previous

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recent delivery. He assumed that the appearances might have been due to

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The same should be observed in other periods of the disease, in re-

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symptoms pointing to a urethral difficulty, I first get a

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these are their sexual excesses, the depressing effects of the very

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the statement of Marik ^ as conclusive. He bases his

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Get your patient interested in some useful occupation, and make

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are the facility with which the skull may be split and transplanted, and the


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gouges all the disease that I could find, and then I filled in the cavity

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in this country ; yet, after an attack of right hemiplegia and aphasia,

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continued traction of the soft parts of the sides of the

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Lord Stanley said the Commission was appointed before he

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there had been some elevation of temperature, ranging from 99 to

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some bacilli of another species which were stained. These latter were

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epidemic of cholera, especially when the disease occurs amid a crowded and