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Marvin, Art Martin, and Payton Kolb. The purpose of the

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re-make the nose from the inside with the piece of bone.

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the most advanced obstetricians of earlier days ; and there can

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Nordiskt Medicinskt Arkiv, Sjette Baudet, Fjarde Hiiftet.

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chronic congestion, localized to one or both apices of the lung, and showing

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in 13 out of 14 cases, using centrifugalized material.

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Towards the end of this stage a stimulating expectorant, like

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Fonctions of the Brain« By David Ferrier, M.D. Second

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it fail to stand the test of rigid investigation, it may still have the good effect

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filaments, as they are liable to be destroyed by such methods of research

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over the body, even on the face (as in Case X.)- It consists of irregular

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Autopsy has revealed abscesses of the brain where there had been no

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fants or patients who, from some cause or other, are greatly exhausted;

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portance both for diagnosis and prognosis and treatment.

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dependent upon the inhalation of the malaria exhaled by a

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occasionally after the removal of large brain tumours, and depends on a

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as shall provide for the admission of one or more homoeopathic representatives to

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scribed in various cutaneous affections for several years in preference to any

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weeks the deaths from the same disease were 8.j, 52, and 60 — ■

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