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2icr diem, and increases the dose after three or four days to
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Me'moirs sur la Galvano-Caustique Thermique. Par le Docteur A. Amussat, Fils. Paris :
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fail to hold ever an honorable position in American medical literature. When one
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and no little credit is due to Dr. Cunningham, of Cam-
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the host, it causes cachexia of the patient; salvarsan, reversely,
2. Apices of liind tarsi pale — immaculatus Theobald.
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Strebel 1 reports the healing of venereal warts with three
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iological, and pathological evidence in favor of the existence of
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is almost invariably blood-stained for several days afterward.
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It is, therefore, the duty of the quarantine officer to require a very
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dependent on uterine and ovarian disease, he mentioned
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commercial intercourse with the port of New York, and
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M.D., Chicago, 111. — In a most able paper, read before the last meeting
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three months or under, it will be safer and better not to make persistent
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crowded elements (the stratum nervorum corporum arc-
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water fountains and the employee who took the first drink in the morn-
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tion. The state of the sexual functions requires attentive consideration.
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Chorea and Rheumatism. — Duckworth (in the British Med.
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is : Bound neck, about 15 per cent. ; below the whole ol the child.
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occur from what is contained in the various food-stuffs.
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blood taken from the vivid patches of eruption ; and Von Katona in-
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Antipyretic Analgesic and Antiseptic Powei EFFERVESCING ARTIFICIAL
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in various forms. The general rheumatic form, which is very rare, at first
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cultation — that his views from the very beginning may be seen.
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col for highly emetogenic agents. The dosing protocol is
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similar attacks, coming on, occasionally, several times in a day.
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by narrowing the lumen of the tube in the above case, and which normally forms in an
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been proposed. The following formula, however, it is asserted by Dr. Lixde-
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esting exposition of the changes the one or more of the foregoing primary-
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before sleep was obtained ; for ten days* this man had only four
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competitive examination determines every man's advancement. In Ger-