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the proportion of cases of syphilis which result in tertiary symptoms when
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Reaction. The reaction of the twenty-four-hour urine is, as a rule,
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cine, &c. Published Monthly. Paris. (Received regularly.)
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regio.i has remr ned entirely free from any inflam-
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made up his mind to commit suicide, but something had happened
stallations are completed, streamlined, and balanced to produce
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end of a wire while engaged in baling hay. There was a cicatrix in the
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could be added to the early group. This finding appears to be
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" And what has sentiment to urge on behalf of the present process?
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Moreover, von Graff and Meuschikoff (1912) have shown
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absent in the present case. Dr. Kocher concludes that the lesion of the nerve is
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some interesting notes of a case of suppurating hydatid cyst of the liver,
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the patient soon perishes eventually on accoimt of cystitis, pyelitis, or
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Saw, amputating: A saw used for sawing the bone in amputa-
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and easy, about one pint of blood being removed from the
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to Lister, which was received with great a|)plause.
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retic effect ; nay, it seems to be of no consequence as to the result,
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nosis was confirmed subsequently. This was the only
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diagnosis is very difficult. The treatment is, of course, pal-
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similar way to that of the urine. The constancy in the freezing-
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About four hundred native and foreign physicians and
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animation of these records has enabled us to determine the course
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means always successful. Then there are the topical
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garded as the test of security, may be so nearly worn out as
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taking the morbilliform rash for measles and the scarlatiniform rash for
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body and may vary from a crop of a few fine vesicles to an abundant erup-
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ceived with an indifference born of former and mani-
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result of a morbid secretion. In all cases, the fibrous mass is both most
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precipitation upon the glass. The best method of procedure is as
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various abdominal viscera already mentioned. We are not only unaware
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Investigation, namely : " The first case of influenza was a man wlio went to
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determined from a history of the symptoms, to the majority of
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deceptive improvement in the symptoms made me rest satisfied
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was snatching at a leg or an arm, as his pain struck him. Then
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it gives opportunity. In this way a normal gall bladder can become.
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who administered the chloroform, that he believed the woman
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Watts, Arthur John, Harrow Road : November 18, 1SG2
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sheaths of two extensor tendons distended with thick, creamy pus. Cultures