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Macoussnrface of a portion of the Ileum iu the third week

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flammatory exudation. In addition to these tubular changes, more or

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found, and it is usual under such circumstances to attribute the increased

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■which is present so closely resembles that of meningitis that it is often

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ties, whicli is merely the result of post-mortem changes ; such conditions

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value, wliatever has been the effect upon the temperature. When, on the

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form an obstruction to the return circulation. A sufficient amount

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thelial cancer, a grayish granular mass is found beneath, a porti6n of which

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hip joint. Cold does not affect the pneumonia rate except in the old.

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be exercised in the use of a bed-pan and the parts kept dry and free

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by the morbific agent which is operating to produce the pneumonia ? The

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1 mikron to 1.5 by 5 mikrons, while some of the spirilla may be as long as

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Internal Local Treatment may be considered under three heads : — 1. Me-

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and perityphlitis, with ulceration; rupture of hepatic and other

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tegrate and are absorbed. In about one-half the cases the enlargement

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is severe and localized, at other times it is dull and diffused over the whole

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dium is adherent to the costal pleura, so that firm adhesions are formed

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terical in its nature or it depends upon interrupted pressure along the course

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ering of the tonsils fibrous trabecula? enclose numerous groups of lymph-fol-

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to apply, is the one advised by Dr. Still. The dressing used in hos-

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changes take place in the convoluted tubes of the cortical portion, espe-

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importance to the physician, as it furnishes him a harmless method by

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hemorrhagic infarction is formed in the spleen, it is usually without rupt-

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Treatment.— The treatment is to take the ^^f t x ^x r ^l or ^t

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when its seat is near the rectum it i? of a bright red color and fluid. The

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size, depending upon the state of the tissues. Occasionally, in paralytic

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N.B.— Nurses' Practice in Hospital to be taken as vacancies occur within six

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aid in establishing the eliminating processes, and thus become another

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that malaria will cause it, especially in those greatly exhausted. Overdoses

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of attaining favorable results are in the way of prophylaxis, and are largely

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opening may be at the margin of the anus, on the buttocks, or in the