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:hese discrepancies. They found that retention of milk in the gland

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leucocytosis, and the hiemoglobin is proportionately reduced. It

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feet. The blankets are kept over the patient and the foot tub, so that we also give

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upon such eyes, but in doing so to use compression and

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the heart tones. Similarly, the heart tones are less audible if the heart

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proceed to division, or by the division of the uninuclear shape into two,

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thing will occur in reading a book that rests upon the table; if,

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is frequently the exciting cause; but this phenomenon, which usually

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parasites, as, for instance, ankylostomiasis, due to Anhjlostoma

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save life, and the most accurate early sign is the leucocyte count.

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oped a sudden weakness of both legs and the incontinence which first cleared

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cases, generally, in which other emetics are indicated.

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consin Medical Journal be renewed for the coming year.

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perfect in everything. Some are versatile enough to keep

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Really they should be mixed with some farinaceous material

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patient began to complain of numbness in the right leg. Vesalius,

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at once assume a position on that side, and to my gratifica-

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of several contiguous air-cells, broken into a single cavity by the

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very little difference in their mode of operation on

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the outer surface of the cyst wall, there was a patch

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patient, aids the anesthetic, and renders the respira-

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with parathyroid gland substance should be continued, but

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with a morsel of bread and butter. Given in this way

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Another conjecture is that myoclonus belongs to the group of chronic

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Porter spoke in the highest terms of the distinguished answer-

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versity of Chicago, to succeed William Morton Wlieeler,

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tions and immobilization proved benehcia> in a brief

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The first case was that of a woman, 45 years of age, who had

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homoeopathists the mother tincture of aconite. In administering it I opened

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under observation for 6 weeks, during which time she had 2

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be one province or another province, only we want him to register in some place before he

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Dr. Janvrin said that he fully agreed with Dr. Manley, that the