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treasurer, H. B. Small, being reelected. The choice of a

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carried out. If any delay in the delivery of the after-birth

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structure, to vices of general nutrition, or to old age, the

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of the Church. The conditions of this age lend spe-

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cular sense as the hemispherical ganglion has to sensation in general.

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But it remains for men, whose sense and abilities are far su-

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•experiment typical for the group, is included in the form of a table.

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can give them. While it is not possible to set doM'n with

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Punjab; with an analysis of soil and water, and a r63um6

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his complete recovery from the first. Let the fact teach

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if he had noticed, that Wagner's left eye was turned up and out,

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The Preventive Treatment of Calculous Disease and the Use of Solvent Remedies. By

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light of the more recent researches, all that has gone

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problem. The only alternatives open to physicians were claims and risk-management pro-

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disorders in which alcohol, especially with stimulants like

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gave him intense pain before and after every stool. He had

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find it more and more difficult to purchase fresh meat, eggs, vegetables

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the patient by the mouth. I have the strongest objection

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has been supposed that this disease exerts a protective influence against

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1894, 7. s., xix, 97-103. — Kaiitznei- (K.) Exhibitionist.

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general lines of it, however, are entirely original and

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amount of fluid diminished gradually, and the perforation slowly filled

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Practice had just Died of a Phthisick, and that he was start-

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demands a careful review of our scanty knowledge on the

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blood clot formed in the veins or heart and carried on with the