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York County Medical Association, on June 17th, a committee, consist-
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This case, as usual, drew down upon the medical profession some severe
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If anyone can suggest any other and more ready method of
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especially prevailed in January — twice as many cases then occurring as in all
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combustion : secondly, it perpetuates this fever by the
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trocar should be withdrawn when the rib is reached.
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pressure is to be watched with the greatest concern, and when
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the eye were seen in all but two. Of these two, one was of
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venient to preface our observations under these heads with some remarks
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the amygdalotome. And he was not sure that such hjemor-
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on the right wrist. It was of the usual size, (that of a hazel-
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Eenst Zieoler, Professor of Pathological Anatomy in the
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the best mode of endeavouring to baffle medical wit-
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These approximate psycho-physical units, for a normal-sighted
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medical attendant must be responsible. 13. As it is pos-
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aceoratelj described at some length in an interesting quotation
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watching eye of a &ther or mother will discover deviations from the
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tubes are the seats of tuberculosis. The systems exist in the plicae and
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cases which were negative, 210, as far as statistics are concerned, we
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Jaccoud has reported a somewhat similar case, with icterus and hemorrhages
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by the excessive flexion, which is arrested only by the structure of the
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office rent, supplies and telephone, plus one medical
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around the neck. In Lincolnshire a girl suffering from ague cuts
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whole uterus by a clean-cut operative procedure. In excising a can-