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Reassurance and, at most, office observation should
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On the parietal peritoneum there are a few small translucent greyish
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that I express my gratitude to the personnel of the exec-
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mentary stimulus of o]>tinial strenu'tb applied to the scratch skin-area
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our agriculture. While on the fertile soil of the com belt it is often
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the male to .-idopt certain of the female characteristies, i)aHicularly with
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countered, a brief review of the clinical course is
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pay 50 kroner ($13.40) for each hog that he has sold in this way. This fine
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sas City; G. J. Tygett, Cape Girardeau; S. L. Freeman. Kirks-
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lors, and '.■• sei c.ikI to tlie niilpoiinnii of epinepliiine into |lie 1,1, .od, tlie
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those of the digestible matter of stock foods, at least for purposes of
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nuclei (fig. 4). I do not believe that this could be
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ii;iv.' a hiiiirlliu' iin'aiiL'.'iii.'nt ii, tli .1. lln' Imi-.'st IHmts Im^Iim,' ..ii IIh'
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plantation proved successful. Some of the bone used
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eyelids, genitalia, hands and feet — the picture of
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myelitis through the Agency of Stomoxys Calcitrans., Tr.
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operations of the campaign against this common enemy. The matter
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the Annual Sessions as evidenced by the excellence of
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A powdered, modified milk product especially prepared for infant feeding, mode from tuberculin tested cow's milk
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nf the s.\ mpatlK'tic system 'but nut of tlie iiai asympathetic'* ; that is,
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fundus about 10 cm. below the cardia. The surface of
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aspect of the tumor the appearance of the cervix uteri.
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be so worded as to show the fact ; that is, that the meat in the can came from an animal
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in Man: Report of Seven Cases and a Review of Seventy -one
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in a man by passage through a series of young cattle. It is there-
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New York prices advanced noticeably. The meat agitation pre-
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ized care in a quiet, homelike atmosphere. Dietetics, hydrotherapy
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taining to it are secured and similarly condemned. After the condemned carcass has been
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The paper which follows is the study of a small outbreak of polio-
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photograph. The average diameter of the muscle fibers is less than in
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