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irregular knots, running transversely across the abdomen; in some
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Inflammation and fever, on. By Maurice Schiff, M.D 31
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pleasure the hour of repast, and often complained when, by
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of man, still practical and thorough as are those means,
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cilia at bedtime, and to be washed away with Castile soap and tepid water
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Brown, B. J., Jr.. acting assistant surgeon, granted leave of absence
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health, to be succeeded after months or years by the same succession
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that medical university improvements in Aberdeen were wanted.
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matter. Mr. Harrison Cripps suggested dilatation of the
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the period of convalescence, and has lessened the frequency of inflam-
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ing skin areas of the two animals is injected 0.2 c. m. of each sus-
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Billroth says: "The exuded fibrinous material on the
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of which are of more than ordinary teaching value, in
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Antidotes, Diameters of the Female Pelvis and Fetal Head, Obstetrical
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In the second case, gastro-enterostomy by Kocher's method
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izing process, and as their therapeutic action is not impaired by the change,
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for any force applied at their ends — the fulcrum being the
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used it with a degree of success far greater than any other purgative. It
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mens, which only succumbed to the free use of potass, bromide and chloral hy-
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connexion with this subject Mr. Hilton performed a simple
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there are Some who can not be employed in any way. This can only
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A 22-year-old woman was admitted to hospital for evaluation of fever, nonproductive cough, and
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regions, even when uncomplicated with intermittent fever.
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does not include the gangrene in which bacteria are the chief
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superficial cracking. This xerodermia occurs most commonly in
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mass of evidence, and not from single cases ; in addition he knows the
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PATHOLOGICAL SPECIMENS intrusted to his care will be
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awaked, speaks clearly, and sometimes promptly, and with alacrity.
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loss of protein and fat has been computed in the usual manner, using
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most welcome, notwithstanding its numerous offences against
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found to have retention with stricture at two points. A filiform bougie
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pulse very soft, small, weak, not countable (in diphtheria and
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taking the morbilliform rash for measles and the scarlatiniform rash for
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continue, at the time of subscribing, the journal will cease coming when time expires.
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constantly drained — and if the receiving vessel is
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carbon have been, the closure of a vesico- vaginal fistula, the division